"New Media and Development Communication" is a research seminar at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), developed and taught by Professor Anne Nelson. This year's class brought together 24 students from across the globe working in a dozen languages, representing an array of Columbia graduate programs, among them Teachers College, anthropology, and development practice.
The 2009 research teams chose to explore: (see menu to the left)

1. Animal Politico: research towards the development of an online news site to break through the barriers of censorship and control in Mexico.
2. China's ICT Policy and Rural Area Development: an overview and analysis Chinese government programs and Chinese-language websites designed to advance the underdeveloped western agricultural regions of China.
3. E-Government / E-Governance: a look at the way different governments are using information and communications technology to serve the public.
4. Mapping Climate Change 2.0: an examination of the experiments in mapping and crowd-sourcing to chart climate change and combat environmental degradation.
5. The Community-Based Information System: a study of the issues and challenges confronting development workers going into "media dark" regions of the world.

This site builds on the work of two previous classes:


Questions and queries may be directed to Professor Anne Nelson, or student authors as listed on the individual pages.

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