Rural Worker's PC Program in Shandong

Who are in the project:
The “Rural Worker’s PC Program” in Shandong is part of Microsoft’s global project Partnerships for Technology Access (PTA). The Rural Worker’s PC Program is a collaboration among multiple parties, including Microsoft’s China branch, Shandong’s provincial government, the Department of Information Industry (DII), Intel Corp., Chinese PC manufacturer Haier, and local broadband provider China NetCom.

What is the project about:
This project works as a complementary to the government’s service transformation so that local farmers can enjoy the services in a timely fashion through this e-government platform. Before implementing the system, farmers need technology access and targeted services that will make technology adoption worth their while. As a result, all the contents showcased in the Rural Worker’s PC Program are tailored according to the government’s priorities to improve the delivery of services using technology. Meanwhile, farmers’ concerns and needs are taken into consideration: online market information, crop pricing and government regulatory information, entertainment, such as movies and photo albums, access to healthcare resources and information, as well as access to educational content available on the internet.


Where will the project go:
This project is designed to be self-sustainable that benefits the rural communities that offer this service.

What’s the implication:

While benefiting local farmers, the project also provides retail or catalog outlets for the partners, such as Haier and ChinaNetCom.

Reference: See here.