10/14 - Jaclyn - Added research areas of focus in group member section under each person's name

10/13 - Denise - I added two resources, a best practices guide for youth & ICT for Development as well as infodev's ICT for Development (ICT4D) research page

10/7 - Jaclyn - I added a resource under mobile about the UNICEF/Columbia project and the framework we discusses.

10/6 - Denise - Diana & Jaclyn, thanks for all the work you've put into this, it's amazing! I added the notes from today's meeting - please add/adjust as you see fit!

10/3 - Diana - thanks to Jaclyn for posting contact information! I organized the page with the information and resources that we have so far. Please feel free to suggest changes or add items!

10/2 - Jaclyn - Hi! I put our group members' names and contact info, external contacts, and made a section for resources. I modeled the group member section after another team's page. Please update and edit as you see fit.