11.13.09 Meeting with Patricia Mechael and Rafaella, CBIS Project Coordinator for Millennium Villages Project

1. Current Status of CBIS in the MVP's
-Concentration on Organizational Planning and Institution Development
-Intertwine Information Systems and knowledge management processes
-Early December Senegal workshop in East and West Africa - to discuss the future and concept of the Community Information System.
-8 of 14 project sites are working on drafts of concept notes.
-Sites have already budgeted and implemented community centers and radio; Matt has been working with more than half of 14 sites in terms of development community radio.
-Common themes in notes on innovative ideas: Establishing a community/training/multipurpose center for each village that will offer opportunities in areas such as social networking and mobile banking.
- No analysis of outcomes of ICTs have been developed yet. Currently developing the monitoring and evaluation plan.

2. Organizational Needs
- need for overall project concept and vision
- different activities have developed from ICT and Community Development standpoint
- new ideas have come up and concepts have evolved
- need more info in terms of behavior change communication technology
- need more innovative pieces to tie it together- tie community together- this is where funding is needed.

3. Global Vision
1) Consolidate sum of CBIS activity and form strategic vision of CBIS and how it supports project goals
Seeing how we can really consolidate and be strategic of vision of information systems and how it supports project goals
2) Which project technologies are appropriate and can further enhance project and MGD goals?
3) What are the types of innovative activities that would be appropriate to each cluster?

4. Knight News Challenge

Deadline for submission of ideas: December 15th
- Must have an innovative title, and clear strategy for what our aim is.
-Firm statement of goal and objective

Particular interests of the Knight News Challenge are in innovation, in terms of either how different components of the project are individually innovative or how they together equal innovation.

Choose 3-4 innovations to pitch to Knight that keep with the overarching themes. Think in terms of:
What is the replicability potential?
What is an idea that Knight has never heard of?

See Knight website for details at . Especially search out tips, past projects, etc.

5. Contribution of Team

-development and consolidation of Global Vision
-Get list from Matt of areas, and look at the technology components for other projects, and how it can be applied to the MVP's
-Project teams need this information summarized and accessible
-Need fresh ideas and new inspiration in regards to what's available
-What "lenses" can our team apply to some of the cross-cutting issues being examined within the MVPs for CBIS? For example, when researching areas such as literacy, education, gender, empowerment, link these components linking back to 8 MDG’s. How can we leverage innovative technologies to apply to mandates of the MGD's?
-Keep in mind long-term goals of mandates- what is it that's trying to be accomplished? What precise impact do we want the CBIS to have?
-Work on developing a proposal for Knight News?
-Possibly work on developing a proposal for funding from the Gates Foundation?

6. Next Steps

By the end of November, develop a Strategy and Concept Paper which maps out consolidated vision and goals across all sites. For example, given site experiences what do we want to build out and take it from there?then pick-

Gather any recommendations to have for innovative idea- refining those before the Dec. 15. Review with Rafaella towards which directions to head.

Focus on the new media technology elements.

Possible Plan of Action:
1. Come up with an outline- send it to Patricia, Rafealla, Matt
2. They review, feed existing info into this and streamline. They will identitify gaps and additional information that needs to be included.
3. Wait until end of 11/20 week, get better draft from Rafaella. Revisit timeline for class and timeline for this.