It was nice to speak with you and your fellow students friday. I’m happy that you and the team are interested in further pursuing work on the MVP community-based information systems.
As agreed next steps, your group will work on pulling together existing MVP materials together with new and additional materials to write an overall strategy paper on community-based information systems in the MVP that reflects the current vision and ongoing activities.
As a first step, we agreed you will write an outline for the paper and share with our MVP team for feedback and secondly, you were to share with me the list of topical areas for information applications for additional suggestions.

I would like to provide more guidance for the strategy paper as per the following:

  1. the paper should 5-6 pages maximum.
  2. you may supplement the length with appendixes that have additional information. For example, a list of innovative applications of the information system drawn from other project examples and what different MV sites are doing and grouped by desired impacts such as improving citizen voice in governance and accountability

On my part, I will be sending you existing documentation of CBIS concept, strategy, and activities from the MVs as well as relevant literature and examples from other projects that I have available.

Please provide feedback on the expected dates for the outline and strategy paper in line with your other commitments to your New Media Class and any other questions/comments.

We are pleased to be working with your team on the CBIS project and look forward to the interaction over the coming weeks. Thanks again for your interest in the MVP.

Warm Regards,


Individual Reading Assignments: