Information Service Center in Sichian

Realizing Unlimited Potential in China (Microsoft)

Who are in the project:
Microsoft and local communities.

What is the project about:

The project is mailnly to make investments in China to support ICT in primary and secondary educational system as well as to promote rural computing access and training. And one of the rural projects is to start Information Service Centers (ISC), village-level centers that provide e-government and information services, ICT access and training and agricultural training, in Pujiang, in Sichuan Province. This ISC is housed in the Residents Association of Guantang, a village of 2000 people, most of whom are orange farmers. An ISC consists of 10 PCs with Internet connections and one full-time employee, called InfoStaff, to manage them. The InfoStaff is a university graduate government employee selected by the Ministry of Organization. Residents can use the ISC to learn about and apply for official certificates and documents online and apply for them through the InfoStaff – tasks that otherwise require visiting government departments in different locations.

isc1.jpg ISC2.jpg

Where will the project go:
This project is working to improve education, foster innovation and create jobs and opportunities le by working closely with local communities, assessing the best ways to address their specific information and communications technology (ICT) needs.