Policy Overview:
Government’s role

· The Chinese Government has been the major actor in promoting the economic development of the rural areas. The major missions have been to "digitalize" rural areas to help solve the “Three Rural Issues”:
1. Farmers: To help farmers increase production, sales and have easier access to information through different ICT.
2. Agriculture: To modernize China’s Agricultural Industry
3. Agricultural Villages: To minimize the wealth and information gap between rural areas and cities.
· The ICT development in rural areas has been stated explicitly as National construction plans in different documents:
1. The 11th 5-year national plan: “Every village has telephones and every town has internet.”
2. The Third Session of the 17th Central Committee of CCP: The development goal of Rural China in 2020, focusing on constructing and integrating the three network (radio network, telecommunications network, and Internet network) in China’s rural area.
· Difficulties:
o Multiple online platforms without organization, repetitive service platformàwaste of Internet resources
o Information establishment can’t catch up with the hardware/equipment setup.
o Funding: lack of funding.