P&G joins hands with HP for Project Hope: HP Hope Computer Classroom

Who are in the project:
HP and P&G.

What is the project about:
To help fill the growing demand for computers and modern technologies for students who live in China's rural areas, P&G has donated more than 3.05 million yuan for 20 new Hope Schools facilities and HP has prepared more than 500 HP computers, equipped with printers, video cameras and earphones for the schools to build Hope Computer Classrooms enabling children in rural areas to get access to the latest information technology.
Besides necessary hardwares and equipments, under HP's Hope School Computer Training Program more than 200 HP employees will participate as volunteer trainers for teachers and students at the 20 schools. In addition, the two companies also donated construction materials and teaching facilities, such as the sports areas and libraries. HP has also developed supervision software linking its central support system with Hope School's computers in order to solve any technical problems that may arise.

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Where will the project go:
The collaboration between P&G and HP will continue working together to build 20 Hope Schools in rural areas, such as Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces, by the end of 2010.