Cisco--Intelligent Urbanization & E-Learning

Who are in the project:

Cisco and Chinese local corporations.

What is the project about:
Cisco has made a multiyear investment with 16 billion dollars in China. The project, entitled "cultivated innovation," aims at boosting local innovation through investing capital, technology, expertise, incubation resources, and leadership investments. The project focuses on three major areas: intelligent urbanization, new business model initiatives for growth enterprises, and next-generation Internet, including video and mobility, which align closely to China’s agenda and priorities.

Intelligent urbanization—collaboration with Tongfang:
· “Intelligent Urbanization” is Cisco's recently launched global initiative to build networks as the platform for integrated city management. A better quality of life for citizens and economic development are expected to be carried out.
· Cisco collaborates with Tongfang to jointly explore and create new markets and business models for intelligent urbanization in China.
· As a leader in system integration in areas like real estate and transportation in China, Tongfang's local market expertise will play a significant role in the development of joint localized products and solutions based on its software and hardware platform.

Enterprise Growth Support with Ambow:

· Cisco works with Ambow, a leading provider of e-learning technologies and education services in China, to explore innovative business models for connected cities and schools.
· These initiatives are aligned with China's priorities of preparing college graduates for future job market, developing replicable business process outsourcing skills, and instigating e-learning with ICTs in earthquake-stricken areas of Sichuan province.

Where will the project go:
The projects in China is expected to spur greater innovation through cultivation and collaboration. · What’s most important is to build up sustainable models in China.

What’s the implication:
All the projects and investments are designed to expand the capabilities of Cisco and its partners to pursue new local market opportunities with greater speed, agility and market relevance. Cisco’s intention is to accelerate time to market for its products, its partners, and customers as they pursue new local and global market opportunities together.

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