China Mobile—Rural Area Development Project

China Mobile has implemented several ICT projects in China's rural areas to help connecting them to the world and help them develop business with the new technology.

The projects include building communication infrastructure, educating the locals to use these technologies and apply them to help their economic developments, etc.
Among all the different ICT projects, China Mobile aims to educate and help the farmers in rural areas to gain agricultural information and develop eCommerce with the "Enriching Infotmatio Technology Application in Rural Area" project.

  • Objection
    • Help implement government's "San-nong" policies (agriculture, villages and farmers) and efforts that will make sure farmers benefit from China's economic growth.

  • Solutions
    • Establishing the nationwide "Agricultural Information" Website ( to provide an informatio platform for farmers to access information serviceswhich include agricultural technology guide, market trend, labor information, etc.
    • Apart from the website, farmers can also access these informationby using mobile phone short message service by texting their inquiries to the service number "12582" to get the information they want

  • Services
    • China Mobile has introduced several services through the internet and mobile technology to help farmers, these include:
      • "Gong Xiao Tong" or eCommerce platform: to provide farmers with the tools to receive orders, manage commodity availability, marketing information and onlin payment to develop eCommerce for their products.
      • "Wu Gong Yi" or job hunting platform: to provide people in rural areas about the employment information in other cities.
      • "Mai Mai Yi" or sales platform: to provide farmers real time information of the demand of a certain product in an area and the unit price of the product in the sale and farmers can make sales directly with the buyer online. In addition, farmers can also post the information of their produce supply online for potential buyers.

  • Examples of the application of the Agricultural Information Website:
    • In GuanXi Province, sugar cane farmers use the website to gain information of sugar market and demand to increase their sales


    • In JianXu, aquatic produce farmers use his cell phone to access the information of the demand of freshwater produce.

    • In Chong Qin, the local people use the information website to gain information of employment market and job positions in other cities