ICT Projects in China's Rural Area

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Our research findings on the ICT projects in China are listed below. The individual projects' information pages can be accessed through the two categories: geographical locations and practice areas. Therefore, the information can be browsed according to your areas of interest.You can either browse or search an ICT project in a specific location in China by clicking on Geographical Locations icon, or to view ICT projects in a speific functional area, click on Practice Areas icon.

Geographical Locations category is presented through Google Maps. On the map, you will find ballon drops, each drop represent the ICT project or program in that specific location. The balloons menifested in different colors showing the ICT in different topic areas . You willl find the instructions below the map. By clicking on the icons, the project overviews appear. Further information can be viewed from the links provided in the new windows.

Practice Areas category allows you to access to the project information by two practice fields: education and e-learning, and economic development and microfinance. The related projects are listed under each field in the table, linking to separate pages for detailed information.

Case Study icons at the bottom of this page lead to the in-depth information on projects from E-commerce and Education. The e-commerce field focuses on the “Farmer’s Mailbox” project as the case study. For the education field case study, the research covers on The China Evergreen Rural Library Service (CERLS) project.The two categories and two case studies act as doorsteps to explore our research findings on the ICT projects in China.

ICT Projects in China's Rural Area

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